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Data Quality is More Important Than Ever in an AI World with Qlik

In our AI-dominated world, data quality is the key to building useful tools. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast features Drew Clarke from Qlik discussing best practiced for integrating data sources with AI models with Joey D’Antoni, Gina Rosenthal, and Stephen Foskett before Qlik Connect in Orlando. Although there is a lot of hype about AI in industry, companies are realizing the risks of generative AI and large language models as well. Solid data practices in terms of data hygiene, proven data models, business intelligence, and flows can ensure that the output of an AI application is correct. The proliferation of Generative AI is also causing a rapid increase in the cost and environmental impact IT systems and this will impact the success of this technology. Good data practices can help, allowing a lighter and less expensive LLM to produce quality results. The Tech Field Day delegates will learn more about these topics at Qlik Connect in Orlando, and we will be recording and sharing content as well.

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As AI technologies like generative AI and large language models continue to appear, the foundation upon which these technologies are built – data – becomes the linchpin of their success. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast features a discussion with Drew Clarke from Qlik, alongside industry experts Joey D’Antoni, Gina Rosenthal, and Stephen Foskett. Ahead of Qlik Connect in Orlando, the panel discussed the best practices for integrating data sources with AI models, underlining the importance of data quality in an AI-dominated world.

The proliferation of AI technologies has brought with it an increased awareness of the potential risks associated with generative AI and LLMs. As companies venture into the realm of AI, the realization that not all AI is capable of delivering accurate or useful outcomes has become apparent. This acknowledgment has brought traditional data practices such as data hygiene, data quality, proven data models, business intelligence, and data flows into the spotlight. These practices ensure that the output of an AI application is correct and reliable.

One of the critical challenges is the integration of data into LLMs and small language models. We consider metadata, data security, and the implications of regulations like GDPR and the California Data Privacy Act on data integration with AI models. It is critical to consider data privacy and to avoid exposing private data as companies integrating data into their AI models.

We should also consider societal and environmental impacts of the rapid increase in the use of AI as well as the cost of inferencing. The environmental footprint of data centers, driven by the energy and water consumption required to support AI computations, is a particular area of concern. This underscores the need for good data practices that not only ensure the quality of AI outputs but also contribute to the sustainability of AI technologies.

Data is a key product in an AI world, and we must treat data with the same care and consideration as we do in conventional applications. This involves curating, managing, and continuously improving data to ensure its quality and relevance. Data engineers and business analysts play a key role in enhancing productivity and effectiveness of AI capabilities.

This discussion is a reminder of the critical importance of data quality in the age of AI. As companies navigate the complexities of integrating AI into their operations, the foundational principles of data hygiene, data quality, and proven data models remain as relevant as ever. We look forward to discussing these themes at Qlik Connect in June, and invite our audience to attend the event!

Visit the Qlik Connect official website for more information and registration.

Podcast Information:

Stephen Foskett is the Organizer of the Tech Field Day Event Series, now part of The Futurum Group. Connect with Stephen on LinkedIn or on X/Twitter.

Gina Rosenthal, Founder and CEO of Digital Sunshine Solutions. You can connect with Gina on LinkedIn and listen to her podcast, The Tech Aunties PodcastLearn more on her website.

Joey D’Antoni is a Principal Consultant at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting. You can connect with Joey on LinkedIn, on Mastodon, and on X/Twitter or read more about him and his work on his website.

Drew Clarke is the General Manager & EVP of the Data Business Unit at Qlik. You can connect with Drew on LinkedIn and learn more about Qlik by visiting their website.

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