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Not All APIs Are Created Equal

The Premise: Are all APIs created equally?

NGINX Spotlight: We live in an increasingly interconnected world that hinges on responsive APIs. It is becoming a standard way for us to interface not only with software, but with devices that run that software. We are trying to do magical things with APIs now, yet not all APIs are created equal. As we develop more and more around APIs and their ability to be accessed, we’re finding some limitations, which means we have to develop new thoughts and new ways of handling things. One of the latest is real-time API, which can process an API call end-to-end in under 30 milliseconds. Sound too good to be true? Sound too good to be true? Our panel will dig in to find out the answer to this question: Are all APIs created equal?

On-Premises for today’s roundtable:


Tom Hollingsworth

Jason Benedicic

Drew Conry-Murray

Jeremy Schulman

Alessandro Fael Garcia

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