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Reintroducing the Tech Field Day Podcast

We are once again returning to the Tech Field Day name for our weekly podcast. In this episode, Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth delve into the history of the podcast, how it came to prominence and what sets it apart from other technical podcasts. We also discuss why each episode has a premise and why the name has been the On-Premise IT Podcast for so long.

Why Now?

We’re changing things up around here! Don’t worry, the only thing that is going to be different is the name of the podcast. We’re going back to the old name of Tech Field Day Podcast as a way to highlight what makes the podcast unique in the industry. Long time listeners of the show may remember it used to be the Gestalt IT Tech Field Day Roundtable over a decade ago.

Since then we’ve changed a lot about the format and content. Since 2017 we’ve been known as the On-Premise IT Podcast. It focuses on a specific topic, a premise if you will, each episode and features 3-4 Tech Field Day delegates as guests. We’ve posted 322 episodes in the past seven years talking about all aspects of enterprise technology both new and old. We’ve even focused on some non-tech issues like burnout and career growth. It’s all been for the betterment of the community at large as we bring you the opinions and perspectives of a group of experts in the enterprise IT space.

We wanted to make sure to highlight the relationship between Tech Field Day and the podcast as we move forward. The delegates at a Field Day event represent the critical voice of the practitioner and give the episodes a sense of grounded realism. This isn’t a marketing exercise or wishful thinking. These are the people that do the things and tell everyone what works and what doesn’t. They are the ones qualified to inform decision makers about the promise as well as the pitfalls.

Future episodes of our podcast will appear on the Tech Field Day site as well as through Spotify for Podcasters. We will still publish our new episodes every Tuesday so make sure you subscribe in your favorite podcatcher so you don’t miss a single premise that our wonderful delegates come up with each episode. Don’t forget to leave comments on the episodes so we know what you think. You can also leave a rating or a review in your podcatcher for others to discover the Tech Field Day Podcast.

Podcast Information:

Stephen Foskett is the Publisher of Gestalt IT and Organizer of Tech Field Day, now part of The Futurum Group. Find Stephen’s writing at Gestalt IT and connect with him on LinkedIn or on X/Twitter.

Tom Hollingsworth is a Networking and Security Specialist at Gestalt IT and Event Lead for Tech Field Day. You can connect with Tom on LinkedIn and X/Twitter. Find out more on his blog or on the Tech Field Day website.

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Tom Hollingsworth is a networking professional, blogger, and speaker on advanced technology topics. He is also an organizer for networking and wireless for Tech Field Day.  His blog can be found at

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