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Intel Announces 2025 Roadmap | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 28, 2021

Intel has announced their chipmaking roadmap for the next few years, N-Able announced their first trade on the NYSE after splitting from their parent company, and AMD has announced their earnings for the past quarter. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s Rundown.

Slack Now Owned by Salesforce | 0:59

Slack, the popular workplace chat app, is now officially owned by Salesforce. That marks 66 companies now owned by the first in SaaS Salesforce, and besides the addition of the new Huddle feature, what do you think this acquisition holds for Slack as we know it?

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Arm Makes Flexible, Plastic Microchips | 2:40

Chipmaking giant Arm recently unveiled a new chip prototype featuring a 32-bit Cortex-M0 CPU as well as 456 bytes of ROM and 128 bytes of RAM. Why is this important you might ask? Well, this chip is printed entirely on flexible plastic, making it the most complex flexible chipset to date. In an article in the journal Nature, Arm researched posited that their metal-oxide thin film transistors, or TFTs, will pave the way for a potential “Internet of Everything” future, where your milk bottle can detect if the contents inside are spoiled and change the expiration date, just to name an example use case.

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1Password Raises $100M to hit $2B Valuation | 5:08

The popular password storing and managing tool, 1Password, just doubled their unicorn status to a $2B valuation following a $100M round of funding led by Accel. Zach, this seems to be a week for acquisitions, do you think this raising of value puts 1Password on the table for some of the bigger companies to start taking bites out of?

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Intel to Build Chips for Qualcomm | 7:00

Intel’s chipmaking business, Intel Foundry Services, just announced their first customer: Qualcomm, makers of the popular Snapdragon mobile processor. Is this a big shift for Intel or Qualcomm or just another twist in the semiconductor road?

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Olympics Robot Sinks 3-Pt and Half Court Shots | 9:33

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are now in full swing after about a year of delay, and what better way to celebrate human athletic excellence than with a robot that sinks 3-pointers? During the USA – France basketball game earlier in the competition, Toyota rolled out an omnious-looking robot, clad in black, which proceeded to grab a basketball from the nearby rack and shoot not only a picture-perfect free throw, but a 3-point and half-court shot as well.

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AMD Reports Doubled Revenue over Q2 ’21 | 11:20

AMD recently announced their earnings from the past quarter, seeing another explosion in revenue and nearly doubling their results from Q2 last year to a whopping $3.85B. Notably, their Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom segment saw some of the largest growth, booking $1.6B this quarter alone. Ultimately, AMD is continuing to chug forward at pace, with plans to close their acquisition of Xilinx at the end of the year. Stephen, what do you make of these massive numbers coming out of AMD, and do you think they will acquire Xilinx in the coming months?

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N-Able IPO is Live “Not Your Dad’s N-Able” | 17:30

N-Able, the MSP-focused RMM arm of SolarWinds, has officially rung the bell announcing their first trade on the NYSE after splitting from their parent company following their IPO last week. In an interview with CRN, N-Able CEO John Pagliuca shared some of his thoughts about the company moving forward, including plans to continue merging with and acquiring companies much like SolarWinds before them. Zach, amidst the recent attacks carried out on SolarWinds, especially those targeting MSPs and other organizations with multiple sub-organizations, will N-Able be safe from attack now that they’ve left the mothership?

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Intel 2025 Roadmap | 22:20

The biggest news this week came from Intel, which announced their chipmaking roadmap for the next few years. Intel has come under fire, including on this program, for losing the microprocessor fabrication race to rivals like TSMC and Samsung, but as we’ve said in the past, there’s more to the story. With Intel renaming some process nodes and laying out a roadmap to Angstrom scale, are they ready to make a comeback?

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