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Pliops Extreme Data Processor: Multiply Your Impact

In today’s data-driven world, storage solutions need to be able to keep pace with massive amounts of data while still keeping that data available as necessary.

And, as we see Moore’s Law continue to decline, those storage solutions need to be able to offload workloads from CPUs to keep performance high.

Join Seth Bobroff and Prasad Venkatachar from Pliops as they showcase their data processor solution portfolio in this Gestalt IT Showcase.


Seth Bobroff, Director of Product Marketing at Pliops


Accomplished marketing professional with extensive experience designing and executing strategic and tactical marketing plans for industry leaders and startups including Intel, Western Digital, Pliops, and others.

Expertise in developing business plans, including target markets, product positioning, developing content, and creating powerful messaging for a competitive advantage.

Prasad Venkatachar, Director of Solutions Engineering and Architecture at Pliops


Prasad Venkatachar is an experienced database and analytics professional with 18 years of combined experience in Product Strategy/Management/Marketing, Solution Architecture – Sales Engineering & Services. In these 18 years of progressive experience, he served several fortune 500 enterprise customers to deliver business value outcomes through multi-database and big Data Solutions on both cloud and data center environments. Prasad leads Technical Alliances and Marketing at Pliops. Before joining Pliops, he worked at Lenovo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SanDisk, and i2 Technologies.


Alastair Cooke | @DemitasseNZ

Alastair Cooke is an independent industry analyst and trainer who has been writing about the challenges and changes in the IT industry for over ten years. IT infrastructure, virtualization, end-user compute, and public cloud technologies are all focus areas. 

Dan Frith | @PenguinPunk

Dan Frith has 20+ years in IT working for mid-size government and VARs in a big country town called Brisbane. He likes things that go in racks and making life easier through smarter processes and cool technology applications.

Jason Benedicic | @JABenedicic

Jason Benedicic is an Independent consultant, analyst, and content creator, based out of Cambridge, UK. He works with organisations across a broad spectrum of disciplines including analysis, auditing, design, implementation, strategy, and cost optimisation. He is an expert in designing and building public cloud services, and private/hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Max Mortillaro | @MaxMortillaro

Max Mortillaro is an independent data center consultant & co-owner / analyst for TECHunplugged B.V. At TECHunplugged, Max covers content creation (market research / white papers / blog articles & videos). He’s also an analyst at GigaOm, co-host on the TECHunplugged Podcast, and has been running the technology blog since 2008.

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