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Incorporating Institutional Knowledge into Automation

Since the rise of automation in enterprise IT, many IT practitioners have wondered whether or not their jobs will be eventually replaced by a host of scripts and shells. In reality, however, the same things that make us human — like intuitive understandings of the way things work and operate — are the same reasons that robots can never replace us.

Join Tom Hollingsworth and our panel of experts in this roundtable discussion, sponsored by BlueCat Networks, as we dive into why “tribal knowledge” will always prevent the robots from taking over, and how BlueCat DNS can help bring insights to guide intelligent automation without taking over your job description.


Chris Grundemann

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

BlueCat Panelist

Andrew Wertkin, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at BlueCat. Connect with him on Twitter @AWertkin


Tom Hollingsworth



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