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Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2.0: A Look Back on the Event

We were thrilled to be involved in NGINX Sprint for the second year in a row! This year’s event, NGINX Sprint 2.0, consisted of keynotes, demos, and trainings, designed to inspire and engage platform operations teams and application infrastructure professionals who are looking to develop and deliver modern applications at scale. Our delegate panel of independent, technical influencers joined the event on Days 1 and 2 with roundtable discussions and wrap-up conversations.

NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 1: Keynotes

Day 1 began with an intro by Lindsay Shaw, followed by a keynote by Gus Robertson on the transformation of the modern enterprise. More and more, we are seeing data growth and applications evolving to use platforms that leverage NGINX. We learned that over half of all websites on the internet run on NGINX and NGINX-derived technologies! Keynotes continued with two NGINX customers, Audi and BlackRock, who pointed out that although NGINX is a web server, it’s also a lot more than that. For example, Audi discussed how NGINX is integrated into their entire e-commerce environment.

NGINX also brought in some partners on Day 1, including Mark Church of Google and Chris Wright of Red Hat. Google discussed how NGINX is integrated with Kubernetes and application networking, and Red Hat covered application modernization. Then, Rob Whiteley, General Manager of NGINX Business Unit, outlined the commitments that NGINX is making:

  • Increased number of projects and accept community contributions
  • Focus on Layer 7 networking, security, and observability
  • Commitment to GitHub, issue tracking, and active community collaboration.

Day 1 ended with a roundtable and wrap-up featuring Rob Whiteley and Gus Robertson, where our delegates were able to ask candid questions.

NGINX Sprint 2.0 Day 2: Demo Day

Day 2 of the event was all about demos, which followed the NGINX App Modernization Journey. This journey begins with the move from initial deployment to enterprise-ready with NGINX. We followed this path throughout the demos, ending with mastering microservices with end-to-end encryption. The Tech Field Day delegates discussed the demos with presenters Karthik Krishnaswamy, Tom Gamull, Damian Curry, and Jenn Gile.

One of the unique aspects of the event was the art installation powered by NGINX called “Now Arriving.” Kevin Jones and Ben Chaykin chatted with the delegates to explain how this exhibit works and leverages modern application technologies in a way that’s transparent to the people experiencing the art on the ground.

Day 2 came to a close with a final Tech Field Day delegate roundtable and wrap-up of what they learned from the event and what they hoped to hear from NGINX in the coming year.

Watch NGINX Sprint 2.0 On Demand

If you missed the content live, all keynotes, demos, and trainings from NGINX Sprint 2.0 are now available on! You can also head over to for the roundtable discussion videos from the event.

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