VMware MVP — Coming Soon?

Remember this?

Watching this  brought back  the excitement I  felt after the VMware MVP presentation that VMware made back at VMWorld 2008. Since then it’s all been quiet…..Until now.

I came across this news article today; Arm’s next chip design to support virtualization. It looks as though ARM are now building in Virtualization  capabilities into their new Cortex A processor which is going to be released shortly.

So does this mean we could soon see VMware finally  releasing their  Mobile Virtualization Platform? My guess would be Yes!  VMware is a partner of ARM, so the chances are they are working closely with ARM to help  develop Virtualization capabilities for their processors and have probably already started developing the MVP further to work on these processors.

I’ve not seen anything mentioned by VMware about this as yet, if you know of something please let me know as I am very interested in where this technology is heading.

So in the near future will we something like the image represents below? Android and iOS on the same mobile device? Who knows — We’ll just have to wait and see.


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