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Presenters React to the Tech Field Day Experience

Tech Field Day was last week, and the presenters were thrilled with the experience! In this video, representatives from Riverbed, BlueCat, Pure Storage, Micron, Xilinx, and Vcinity shared their thoughts on the interactive format, delegate interaction, and preparation they received from the Tech Field Day team. The delegate breakout session was a highlight for the presenters, too! Check out this video for their reactions and head over to the Tech Field Day website for presentation videos from all the Tech Field Day 23 presenters!

What Did They Think About the Interactive Format?

The interactive format of Tech Field Day is one of the many unique elements of the experience. Our delegates ask questions throughout the presentations and offer feedback in real-time, as Allyson Klein of Micron points out. Phil Gervasi of Riverbed notes that having the ability to talk directly with industry experts allows them to determine if they are going in the right direction with their solutions. Not only can delegates ask their own questions, but they can also relay questions from Twitter. Jim Williams of BlueCat finds that these questions help to bring deeper context to the discussion. First-time presenters, Xilinx, chose Tech Field Day because of how dynamic and engaging the format is, as Pej Roshan explains.

How Did the Tech Field Day Team Prepare Them?

Another aspect of the Tech Field Day experience is the one-on-one attention from the event team. From the A/V test before the event to the last-minute tune-ups, the team makes sure the presenters are looking and sounding their best. Phil Gervasi of Riverbed appreciates the expertise of the team and how they know how to properly use the tools to make a great presentation.

In addition to the A/V help, the event team also handles all the complex logistics around the presentations and makes it simple for the presenters, as Brian Gold of Pure Storage explains. Steve Wallo of Vcinity acknowledges the professionalism of the team and how nice it was for him to not have to worry about the details.

How Do They Plan to Use the Content from the Event?

All videos from the Tech Field Day presentations are live-streamed, edited, and then posted to both the Tech Field Day YouTube and Vimeo channels. Pej Roshan of Xilinx is looking forward to sharing their recorded content with a wider audience. However, this is not the only use for these videos! Jim Williams from BlueCat shares that they use one of their Tech Field Day presentation videos in the onboarding process for all new employees!

What Did They Think of the Breakout Session?

After each presentation, the delegates and presenters have additional time for discussion off-camera. These “breakout sessions” are extremely valuable to both parties, and Brian Gold of Pure Storage explains that they help them sharpen their message and determine the right level of technical depth for their presentations. The constructive criticism that is offered during their sessions helps the presenters to improve future presentations, as Phil Gervasi of Riverbed points out.

Thank you to all the presenters who participated in Tech Field Day last week! Be sure to head over to the Tech Field Day website for videos from all the presentations at this event.

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