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Downtime Costs More than Money

SMEs now have better access to Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service options. Infrascale has revamped its disaster recovery and backup product line and has modernized its way of doing business. Now, it is setting itself an ongoing goal to build a reputation of trust and reliability in the SME cloud data protection sphere.

Infrascale is working on developing customer trust. In particular, it will protect and secure data to weather a data disaster storm and help companies come out the other side with reputations intact. It is their key focus for 2020 and beyond.

The Cost of Data Breaches

According to some estimates, data breaches, data loss, and the resulting downtime cost small businesses upwards of $2.5 million per incident, or around $8,000 per minute. Over 50% of small businesses that experience a data breach and downtime shut down within a year. These are eye-opening numbers that beg the question: why do one-third of US-based SMEs not have a disaster recovery plan?

The dollar cost of downtime is not the only problem. Reputation is critical in any industry. If clients can’t trust that their data is secure, they will find a company that can guarantee data security and privacy. Lack of trust quite simply equals the loss of clients. Can any small business afford not only the material costs but the repetitional ones?

Data Protection Options

In-house data protection and data security systems, those that are ‘just in case’ are expensive, especially for small companies. Cloud-based data security options are generally cheaper than having everything in-house. Cloud providers update patches as they become available instead of waiting for the IT guy to remember to update the patch. With the Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service model, it is instantaneous. 

Logically, with the burgeoning Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service model and guaranteed backup and patching, more and more companies are looking to these cloud-based services to ensure backup and recovery are on point.

What Does Infrascale Offer?

Infrascale offers three main product lines: Infrascale Disaster Recovery, Infrascale Cloud Backup, and Infrascale Cloud Application Backup.

Infrascale’s Cloud Backup is a backup for endpoints. This service is becoming increasingly important in the time of COVID-19 and remote work. Not every company’s staff members have proper computer security, and not everyone’s understanding of how to keep data safe is the same. Cloud Backup does what it says on the box. It backs up all of a company’s remote endpoints to ensure that any data loss is not a company disaster.

Infrascale has eight datacenters around the world, each of them is capable of supporting that product. However, Brian Kuhn, Chief Operating Officer at Infrascale, noted that there is likely to be an update on the number of global datacenters in December 2020 – so we shall await that announcement.

The second product in the backup portfolio is Infrascale Cloud Application Backup or ICAB, a backup for SaaS applications designed to meet companies’ needs for the duration of backups and handle things that the G-Suite, O365, Salesforce, etc. do not. 

For both Infrascale Cloud Backup and Infrascale Cloud Application Backup, a copy of the data on the endpoint or appliance goes to the cloud. Infrascale also has systems to allow the entire infrastructure to come up in the case of a full-on disaster, where the customer has lost their on-premise branch office or datacenter.

The third product is Infrascale Disaster Recovery, a hybrid cloud-based disaster recovery as a service designed to halt or reduce the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.

Each product targets a specific pain point for SMEs.

So What?

This is an easy one. Can a company afford to not back up its data? Yes, I am talking to the 30+ percent of SMEs that don’t have any form of data backup. 

I mean, do they want to throw away their entire company because John in accounts opened an unauthorized file link and unleashed malware onto your system or Debbie from accounts left her portable hard-drive on a park bench?

For more information about Infrascale, hit up their website and catch their presentation from Cloud Field Day 8.

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