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Looking at the Rapidly Evolving Modern Cloud at Cloud Field Day 20

The modern cloud is evolving rapidly, encompassing AI, hybrid-cloud, and advanced IT infrastructure. Cloud Field Day 20 will feature presentations on private AI data centers, workload orchestration, unified platforms, AI integration, networking, and more. Presenters include Juniper Networks, Google Cloud, Morpheus Data, and Oxide Computer Company. Our next Cloud Field Day event will be broadcast live on the Tech Field Day website and LinkedIn Page as well as on Techstrong TV June 12th through 14th. Here’s a quick overview of what to look forward to.

Cloud Field Day Event Schedule:

Cloud Field Day live broadcasts will begin at 8:00AM Pacific Time Wednesday and Thursday and 9:00AM on Friday, with more presentations throughout the day. All of our sessions will be recorded and posted to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel soon after in case you miss anything. Wednesday kicks off at 8:00AM Pacific with a leadership session from Juniper Networks. Their presentation will cover a range of topics addressing the challenges of creating a private AI datacenter, including strategies for designing, deploying, and managing AI clusters and innovative methods for network and congestion management in AI data centers. In the afternoon starting at 1:30PM Pacific, Morpheus Data will return to explore the criticality of platform thinking in 2024. Amidst changes in hypervisors and cloud providers they’ll discuss the orchestration of AI workloads and training jobs, provide updates on their unified platform framework and its plug-in model and offer a sneak preview of MVM, their new embedded KVM cluster deployment engine.

All day Thursday is dedicated to Google Cloud, featuring three segments throughout the day. The first session from 9:00AM to 11:30AM Pacific will focus on Google workload optimized infrastructure. In the afternoon from 1:00PM to 3:30PM we’re going to delve into AI integration, including Gemini Cloud Assist, Gemini Code Assist, Vertex, and Cloud Run. Google Cloud will wrap up the day with a summary session from 4:00 to 5:00PM.

On Friday we’re excited to visit Oxide Computer Company starting at 9:00AM. They’ll present an overview of their company, introduce the Oxide Cloud Computer, explain the advantages of hardware/software codesign, and share real customer use cases, concluding with a live demo of VM provisioning for the first time.

Following the pandemic, all of our sessions are held on site at various locations throughout Silicon Valley. We sincerely appreciate Juniper Networks, Google, and Oxide Computer Company for hosting these Tech Field Day presentations.

Tune in to Cloud Field Day 20

All of the sessions will be broadcast live on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page, website, and on Techstrong TV. They’ll also be recorded and shared on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel soon after the event. We welcome participation on X/Twitter, on LinkedIn, and on Mastodon using the #CFD20. You can learn more about the event and the panel of independent technical influencers, podcasters, and analysts from The Futurum Group by visiting the Cloud Field Day event page. Thanks for tuning in to Cloud Field Day 20 live June 12th through 14th.

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