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Presenters React to the Networking Field Day Experience

Gestalt IT held our Networking Field Day event last week, and our presenters are raving about the experience. Why do they participate in Tech Field Day events? Why is the delegate interaction so important? What makes Networking Field Day stand out? Check out their reactions in this special video!

Why Choose Networking Field Day?

Tech Field Day events are different from other events, whether online or in-person, and it all comes down to what Rich Martin of Itential calls our “community of networking-focused people.” The Field Day delegates are interested and technical and interact during the presentations. As Run Almog of DriveNets said, these are “the geeks of the industry.” And that’s a good thing!

Networking Field Day 24 was the third time that Anuta Networks presented at a Field Day event, and Kiran Sirupa says it’s the one place that provides proof that they have delivered on their development promise. Many companies use Field Day events to provide an update about their progress and show that they are meeting their goals.

NetBeez launched at Networking Field Day in 2015, and Panos Vouzis says they keep coming back for the variety of areas of focus. Since their product doesn’t fit nicely into a narrow vertical but addresses various aspects of networking, the wide scope of Networking Field Day really fits their goals.

What Makes Field Day Delegates Special?

The delegates are what make Field Day events special, so what is it that’s so different about them? They’re all independent, open-minded, and technical, and Itential’s Rich Martin says that this “keeps you on your toes” and “gets us thinking” before, during, and after the presentation. It’s so different presenting to a live audience, as Jeff Aaron of Juniper Networks notes. The “live interactive feedback” transforms a talk and a slide deck into a real discussion, and companies “can’t do that with normal presentations.” And Juniper would know, having presented at 19 Field Day events since 2010!

Our delegates are also focused on sharing their knowledge online. Jason Edelman of Network to Code loves the “great dialog” from the delegates and the fact that the Field Day audience gives them “feedback direct from the community.” He also notes how they are “engaging on social” during the presentations, amplifying the message and creating a real conversation.

Anyone can record a presentation or share a webinar video, but as Brandon Heller of Forward Networks notes, “if it was just us in the room, how would we know what really matters?” That’s the magic of the Field Day concept: Companies present to the delegates, and they represent the broader technical audience.

What Makes Tech Field Day Events Stand Out?

Networking Field Day stood out in other ways as well. The Gestalt IT staff truly cares about our technical community, both delegates and presenters, and Jason Edelman praised our “collaboration with the community.” We couldn’t do it without the commitment of people like Jason, himself a former Field Day delegate, and it’s wonderful that they recognize our commitment!

During the pandemic, Field Day “went virtual” and this was a challenge for the Gestalt IT staff. We realized we needed to help presenters set up so they would look and sound their best. Run Almog of DriveNets appreciated this, noting that the Field Day event staff “taught us where to position the lighting” and helped pick out “what kind of microphones to use.” Little things like this can help take a presentation to the next level, and DriveNets has experienced both in-person and virtual Field Day events.

And Field Day is a great way to help the company improve its products. As noted, NetBeez has been involved throughout the history of the company. Panos Vouzis says that Field Day delivers “questions and feedback that helps us think twice about what we are doing and what we are planning on doing.” We’ve heard this from many companies, and it’s a tribute to the delegates and the open and collaborative nature of Field Day!

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