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Networking Field Day 28 is Here!

Tech Field Day is back once more with another great networking event! We’re excited to be bringing you Networking Field Day 28 to discuss all the latest advances in enterprise networking technologies.

Networking Field Day Presentation Schedule

The event is packed with great presentations from beginning to end. Wednesday kicks off with Juniper for a three hour session talking about the newest advances they’ve developed. I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot about the integrations they’ve been developing with Mist AI as well. Arista is up next to highlight new technologies and updates since we last saw them in January. The team they have put together for this presentation is going to be bringing lots of energy to the room to help everyone get excited about networking. The final presenter of Wednesday is Netris, a company that is new to Field Day. They’ve got a great presentation talking about DevOps, NetOps, and how to bridge the gap between the two.

Thursday kicks with with NetBeez. You’ve seen them many times at our various events but they’ve grown from their humble beginnings to take on a greater role in the analytics and visibility side of the networking community. They’re followed by PathSolutions, who has been a big part of Field Day for the past couple of years as well. They’ve refined their platform to address the concerns of users needing analytics for the small and medium enterprise as well as adding new features that users need to keep on top of changing communications needs. Thursday continues with Gluware who is coming off an appearance at ONUG to highlight all the cool things they’ve been working on for the community.

Friday is also a packed day starting off with Progress, who is coming back to discuss how they’re integrating technology from Kemp and Flowmon into some of their other solutions to provide better visibility for networking professionals. The next presenter is another new company, Augtera. They’re leveraging the power of AI to help filter out the noise in the network and provide actionable intelligence to your operations teams. The final presenter on of the day is Pica8, who had a great time at their first presentation back in January and are ready to keep the momentum going with another great outing.

Follow Along Live

This event will be taking place May 4-6, 2022 at You can also follow along on the Networking Field Day event page. You can also tune into watch us on the Tech Field Day LinkedIn page. After the event you can relive the excitement with the recorded videos on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel]( Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of the great video footage you might have missed. You can also follow the Tech Field Day Twitter account and use the hashtag #NFD28 to participate in the discussion with the delegates in the room. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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