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Analytics-Driven Unstructured Data Management from Komprise

Our world is becoming increasingly digitized, and as such, the general amount of data — especially unstructured data — continues to rise to astronomical proportions. Komprise combats this through their analytics-driven data management solution, which they showcased at August’s Storage Field Day event.

Challenges with Massive Multi-Cloud Data Pools

With so much data at play in the average enterprise, not to mention the fact that many of today’s organizations leverage highly decentralized hybrid environments, some IT practitioners find that they aren’t reaping the full value of their data. Mostly, this disconnect can be attributed to storage: traditional storage methods aren’t adaptable enough to keep pace in a modern, hybridized world.

To combat this, IT departments need a tool that can abstract their storage management so it can be managed across clouds and on-premises infrastructure. This tool also must be able to accommodate for the massive amounts of unstructured data organizations need to reap value from.

Making Data Management Its Own Layer

After hearing these challenges come up from their customers time and time again, Komprise sought to solve the problem outright. Their product abstracts data management to its own layer of the stack, providing global unstructured data management across clouds and storage infrastructure.

The Komprise product is, first and foremost, analytics-driven: it intakes your environment’s status across various endpoints and helps you to make better decisions about where and how to store data. When moving data, Komprise does not interrupt processes, but instead avoids hot data paths when routing. Ultimately, Komprise acts independently from your existing storage and backup solutions, leveraging in-use infrastructure with no data rehydration.

Komprise in Action

Kumar Goswami, CEO & Co-Founder of Komprise, showcased their product at a recent Storage Field Day event. There, he explained the solution as well as some real-world use cases.

One such case is that of Pfizer, the global pharmaceutical company. Their medicinal research generates up to 10 TB of data daily, and after a CEO mandate demanding that no more new data centers be built, Pfizer needed a way to coordinate their multiple NAS environments while keeping up with growing amounts of data.

Ultimately, they chose Komprise to dynamically allocate data to cloud storage in AWS, offloading cold data while prioritizing hotter, more critical data to be stored closer to where it needed to be used. This systematic approach not only saved them 75% in data management costs, but also had no impact on their existing workflows.

Zach’s Reaction

Komprise’s ability to make data management its own layer in the stack allows IT practitioners to more intelligently address the issue of growing unstructured data. Instead of storing everything everywhere and not being able to use it, Komprise enables organizations to intelligently prioritize data, making the most of hot data while ensuring everything else is stored away, too.

Learn more about Komprise through the rest of their Storage Field Day presentations. You can also visit their website for more information.

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