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Lino Telera Talks Cloud Automation and Orchestration

In this Gestalt IT Tech Talk, Stephen Foskett asks Lino Telera about cloud automation orchestration. Lino emphasizes the significance of automation in delivering applications and infrastructure efficiently, without the need for constant manual intervention. He highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy infrastructure and leveraging automation to accelerate time to market while governing application and infrastructure aspects. The discussion covers the distinction between scripting and automation, the complexity of automation processes, and the key tools such as Ansible, Chef, and Terraform.

Cloud Automation and Orchestration

Stephen Foskett catches up with Lino Telera to discuss cloud automation orchestration in this Gestalt IT Tech Talk, recorded during Cloud Field Day. Lino emphasizes the importance of automation in his work, describing it as the process of delivering applications and infrastructure without manual intervention at every step. He argues that automation should be treated as a real process within a company, enabling faster time to market while maintaining a healthy infrastructure and governance. Lino also addresses the misconception that hands-on involvement is necessary to feel that things are delivered, highlighting the benefits of automation in managing applications and infrastructure.

Stephen, drawing from his experience as a systems administrator, distinguishes between scripting and automation. He believes that automation should involve action and reaction, where each step is performed, outcomes are assessed, and the subsequent actions are taken accordingly. Lino agrees, noting that automation is more complex than simple scripting, requiring consideration of variables and availability in infrastructure delivery. They discuss the shift towards declarative approaches and the use of clarity as an engine for automation.

When discussing key tools for automation, Lino mentions popular options like Ansible, Chef, and Terraform. He recommends using HashiCorp Terraform for its broad coverage of infrastructure elements, especially in multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments. Lino also suggests combining Terraform with Ansible for enhanced capabilities. Stephen acknowledges Ansible as a preferred tool for traditional systems administrators but recognizes the advantages of modern automation tools in the cloud environment.

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Lino Telera is a long time Field Day Delegate. You can connect with Lino on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and on Mastodon.

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