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Standardization and Integration of Chiplets Using UCIe with Brian Rea

As companies embrace chiplet technology, the need for a standard like UCIe is becoming critical. Explore the realm of chiplet integration in this Gestalt IT Tech Talk with Brian Rea, Co-Chair of UCIe’s Marketing Work Group, and Stephen Foskett. Uncover how UCIe is revolutionizing chip design by establishing open standards that foster collaboration, interoperability, and cutting-edge custom chip solutions. As UCIe continues to refine its specifications and garner industry support, its impact on the chip landscape promises to be transformative, ushering in an era of specialized processors.

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Brian Rea is a Technology Initiative and Ecosystem Enablement Manager at Intel and Co-Chair for the Marketing Work Group for Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe). You can connect with Brian on LinkedIn and find out more about UCIe on their website.

Standardization and Integration of Chiplets Using UCIe

Many of the most modern processors are composed of multiple chiplets bonded together to form a single unit. Although this technology is widely used, the standard for interoperability between processors and vendors is just emerging. In this Gestalt IT Tech Talk, Brian Rea, the Marketing Work Group Co-Chair for Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe), delved into the transformative power of standardization in chiplet integration. This conversation illuminated the pivotal role of UCIe in fostering a new era of chip design that embraces open standards to enhance interoperability and innovation.

The Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California, provided a platform for Brian Rea to explain the significance of UCIe’s standardization initiative. Brian highlighted how UCIe is spearheading an industry-wide push to establish an open standard for chiplet integration and interconnects. UCIe’s approach aims to streamline chip integration processes and facilitate collaboration across diverse players in the industry.

The conversation centered on the foundational concept of chiplets, highlighting how UCIe’s standardized approach revolutionizes chip design. Brian described how chiplets serve as modular building blocks, enabling various capabilities to be compartmentalized into distinct dies. By adhering to open standards set by UCIe, chip manufacturers can seamlessly integrate chiplets from different sources, unlocking unprecedented flexibility in design.

Drawing parallels between UCIe and the widely adopted PCIe standard, Brian and Stephen Foskett underscored the effectiveness of open standards in fostering innovation. Brian emphasized how UCIe builds upon the success of PCIe, offering a comprehensive framework that encompasses multiple stack layers, from physical connections to software protocols. This approach enables chiplet integration to leverage existing industry standards, facilitating compatibility while accommodating proprietary advancements.

Brian offered insights into UCIe’s rapid evolution since its inception, highlighting the consortium’s growth to over a hundred member companies. With a diverse cross-section of industry players onboard, including foundries, chip manufacturers, and cloud service providers, UCIe embodies a collaborative ecosystem driving standardization forward. Brian’s discussion of the 1.1 specification update showcased UCIe’s commitment to refining its standard based on active feedback and industry trends.

Brian and Stephen discussed the potential of standardization to reshape chip design across industries. The implications of UCIe’s approach extend beyond individual companies, as open standards pave the way for shared innovation and interoperability. With UCIe’s emphasis on chiplet integration, a new horizon emerges where custom chips can be assembled for specialized applications, bolstering efficiency and performance.

The Gestalt IT Tech Talk with Brian Rea shed light on UCIe’s instrumental role in shaping the future of chip design through standardization. UCIe’s dedication to open standards not only streamlines chiplet integration but also lays the foundation for collaborative innovation across the industry. As UCIe continues to refine its specifications and garner industry support, its impact on the chip landscape promises to be transformative, embracing openness and driving progress.

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