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Mohammad Ali Talks about Private 5G

In this Tech Talk, Mohammad Ali discusses Private 5G. He talks about the origins of the technology and how it’s different from standard 5G available to consumers as well as Wi-Fi networking. He talks about the advantages of using this new protocol to cover large areas and which applications would benefit the most from deployment. He also talks about the challenges faced by client devices and how practitioners can ensure Private 5G installations work smoothly for operations teams and end users alike.

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Ali is a Solutions Architect from Tampa, Florida. You can connect with Ali on Twitter or on LinkedIn and find out more about him and his interests on his blog, Art of RF.


Tom Hollingsworth: Hi, I’m Tom Hollingsworth, and today we’re talking tech with my friend Ali.

Mohammad Ali: Hi folks, I’m Ali, and I’m currently working as a Solutions Architect based out of Tampa, Florida. Since 2018, I’ve moved into the wireless industry, and I’m getting my feet wet with anything related to wireless.

Tom: Wireless is definitely an emerging space, and there’s a lot of interesting technology out there. Ali, what’s exciting to you in Wi-Fi right now?

Ali: One of the most exciting parts about wireless, and the reason I got into it, was the ability to control and do something with something that you cannot see. Airwaves are invisible, but you can work with them, and that’s very exciting to me. Currently, there’s a lot of talk about private 5G, LTE, and all that. A few months ago, when private 5G started, there were discussions about whether it would take over Wi-Fi and kill Wi-Fi. There are many conversations around these two technologies, and it’s interesting to see different takes from people. But I think we are at a point where they will complement each other depending on the scenario.

Tom: That’s interesting because it was around the time when Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E were coming out, and people were trying to figure out if they needed both Wi-Fi and 5G. Now, it seems we know which ones are good at what.

Ali: Yes, we are there. It depends on what you’re trying to do, and these two technologies will complement each other in many scenarios.

Tom: So, what would be a great use case for a private 5G deployment?

Ali: Private 5G deployments can be useful in covering large areas with limited access points. For example, in a 75-acre area with lots of metal and industrial environment, deploying traditional Wi-Fi access points would be cumbersome. Private 5G, like using CBRS radios, can be more efficient in such cases. Warehousing with robots or devices requiring seamless roaming can also benefit from private 5G.

Tom: I understand. But what devices can you use with private 5G? I already have a 5G phone, but is it more specialized?

Ali: Private 5G, like CBRS band 48, requires specific client support. For example, iPads or Zebra devices that support band 48 can work with private 5G. It’s essential to ensure that your clients can leverage these new frequencies to benefit from the technology.

Tom: Are there specific companies building private 5G, or are the traditional players also involved in this space?

Ali: Companies like Celona, Aruba, and Cisco are getting involved in private 5G and LTE. The market is evolving, and there’s still more to be done in this space. It’s essential to set proper expectations with customers, as some scenarios won’t seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and private 5G.

Tom: So, it’s more about understanding the customer’s needs and advising them accordingly?

Ali: Exactly. As a Solutions Architect, I focus on qualifying the customer’s requirements and suggesting the best fit, even if it means they might not buy from us. It’s essential to make customers happy in the long run.

Tom: That’s a fair approach. Thanks, Ali, for talking about private 5G. It’s been enlightening, and I’m looking forward to more discussions about it in the future.

Ali: You’re welcome, Tom. Thanks for having me.

Tom: And for everyone watching, head over to for more great tech talks like this. It’s your home for all things Enterprise IT.

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