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Insider Threats | Tomversations: Episode 28

Modern IT security departments have to worry about more than the attackers outside the bastion hosts. With the growth of ransomware and social engineering it’s easy to find yourself compromised by one of your own employees. We have the idea that the worst things to fear are the ones we can’t control. But what about the ones that sit right next to us?

More than half of the security incidents in an enterprise are caused by insider threats. Sometimes they’re caused by negligence, like social engineering or compromised passwords. Other times they’re caused by people with an axe to grind and access to your systems they shouldn’t have. Whatever the reason you’re more likely to get compromised by someone you know instead of a total stranger.

Is there a way to fix that? Can we prevent the insiders from getting through our defenses? Is it time to adopt new strategies to combat all threats instead of just building bigger walls? In this episode of Tomversations we’ll explore all those ideas and more.

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