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Utilizing AI Ep. 8: What Does AI Mean For the Future of Networking

Stephen Foskett and Andy Thurai are joined by Chris Grundemann to discuss how AI is used in enterprise networking, and how it is changing the industry. They begin with a discussion of AI in enterprise networking, connecting it with software-defined networking and other trends. What network management tasks can be improved through the use of AI? Grundemann looks to using the technology in root cause analysis and fault correlation as well as prediction of network events. The discussion then turns to the ways that AI workloads will change the workload or demand on networking. AI systems demand data, throughput, and low latency, and the networking must adapt to support these workloads.

This episode features:

Stephen Foskett, publisher of Gestalt IT and organizer of Tech Field Day. Find Stephen’s writing at and on Twitter at @SFoskett

Andy Thurai, technology influencer and thought leader. Find Andy’s content at and on Twitter at @AndyThurai

Chris Grundemann a Gigaom Analyst and VP of Client Success at Myriad360. Connect with Chris on and on Twitter at @ChrisGrundemann

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