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BrainChip’s neuromorphic AI technology has long been the talk of the industry, and now the Akida processor is available for purchase. We invited Rob Telson, VP of Worldwide Sales for BrainChip, to return to the Utilizing AI podcast to give Chris Grundemann and Stephen Foskett an update on the Akida processor. As of today, Akida is available for use by developers and hobbyists to explore neuromorphic compute at the edge. BrainChip enables five sensor modalities: Vision, hearing, touch, olfactory, and taste. BrainChip’s architecture allows incremental on-chip learning at extremely low power, potentially bringing this capability to some surprising places, from home appliances to the factory floor. Another differentiator of the BrainChip solution is its event-based architecture, which can trigger based on events rather than sending a continual stream of data. As of today, the BrainChip Akida AKD1000 PCIe development board is available for purchase so everyone can try out the technology.

Three Questions

  1. Chris: When will we see a full self-driving car that can drive anywhere, any time?
  2. Stephen: Are there any jobs that will be completely eliminated by AI in the next five years?
  3. Girard Kavelines: What is it that scares you about AI in today’s industry?


Rob Telson, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, BrainChip. You can find out more information at For questions you can email [email protected].


  • Chris Grundemann, Gigaom Analyst and Managing Director at Grundemann Technology Solutions. Connect with Chris on on Twitter at @ChrisGrundemann.
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