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AI Is Going to Be Everywhere and in Everything With David Klee | Utilizing AI 2×25

AI is everywhere these days, powering applications from the enterprise to industrial, medical, education, and mobility. In this episode, David Klee joins Chris Grundemann and Stephen Foskett to discuss the ubiquity of AI technology today. Although not all applications of machine learning have been compelling, we are starting to see novel uses that allow us to do things we could never do before. One exciting application is in root cause analysis across the entire application stack, which has never before been possible.

Three Questions

  1. Will we ever see a Hollywood-style “artificial mind” like Mr. Data or other characters?
  2. When will we see a fully self-driving car that can drive anywhere, any time?
  3. How small can ML get? Will we have ML-powered household appliances? Toys? Disposable devices?

Guests and Hosts

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About the author

Stephen Foskett

Stephen Foskett is an active participant in the world of enterprise information technology, currently focusing on enterprise storage, server virtualization, networking, and cloud computing. He organizes the popular Tech Field Day event series for Gestalt IT and runs Foskett Services. A long-time voice in the storage industry, Stephen has authored numerous articles for industry publications, and is a popular presenter at industry events. He can be found online at,, and on Twitter at @SFoskett.

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