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Enabling AI Applications through Datacenter Connectivity with Nvidia | Utilizing AI: 2×15

AI applications typically require massive volumes of data and multiple devices within the data center. Nvidia acquired Mellanox to bring them industry-leading networking products to enable next-generation applications, including artificial intelligence. Kevin Deierling joins Chris Grundemann and Stephen Foskett to discuss the Nvidia vision for a data center-wide compute unit with integrated networking to bring all of these components together. This represents a continuous evolution of computing, from supercomputers to HPC to big data to AI, all of which have required more compute, memory, and storage resources than any one device and require the connectivity to bring it all together.

Three Questions:
  1. How long will it take for a conversational AI to pass the Turing test and fool an average person?
  2. When will we have video-focused ML in the home that operates like the audio-based AI assistants like Siri or Alexa?
  3. Are there any jobs that will be completely eliminated by AI in the next five years?

Guests and Hosts:

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