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Cloud Models for Hybrid Enterprise

Following my last post regarding hybrid cloud IT architectures, Steve Riley, the inspiration for this series of articles, commented about several potential models of hybrid deployment that can achieve the “local” feeling in different ways. Specifically, Steve mentioned: In some cases, a ‘follow-the-sun’ approach may work best. In others, always-on global availability may be required... A third option might be keeping as many resources as possible in one particular cloud region and ‘projecting’ applications to wherever the users may be. I took these ideas, and thought about how they represent … [Read More...]

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#TFDx report – Really fast host side flash with Diablo Technology

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Storage Field Day – I’ll be at SFD6

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VSAN Is No Better Than a HW Array

Nigel Poulton of Technical Deep Dive comments: The way I see it, the VSA approach offers more choice, more competition, and is ideologically superior. I’m a huge believer that competition drives … [Read More...]