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No More Data Plane Administrators

Eric Shanks of the IT Hollow comments: There are two terms used in IT that are often used in conjunction when learning about how technologies are built.  These two terms are “Control Plane” and “Data Plane”.  A quick and dirty definition of these two terms would be: Control Plane - The decision making part of any system.  Usually considered the brains of the system. Data Plane - The part of a system that carries out an operation.  This would be the routine tasks needed to make the system work. Eric has some thoughts for the people that monitor systems and make tweaks without … [Read More...]

SolidFire Releases Element OS Version 6

Chris Evans of Architecting IT writes: In anticipation of the upcoming Storage Field Day 5, this post will discuss the new features made available by SolidFire with the release of version 6 of … [Read More...]

My own view on the whole ‘CCIE is getting less important’ debate

Darren's O'Connor writes on his blog: There have been numerous debates recently about how important the CCIE is going forward. My views seem to differ form a lot of others so allow me to get on my … [Read More...]

The importance of the control plane in SDDC

Keith Townsend of Virtualized Geek comments: Without standards, organizations don’t know which set of products to build their SDDC components. As Neeta Jacques of Open Daylight pointed out there is … [Read More...]