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No more duplicate frames with Gigamon Visibility Fabric

Chris Marget of Fragmentation Needed comments: Gigamon presented their Visibility Fabric Architecture at Network Field Day 8.  You can watch the presentation at Tech Field Day. One of the interesting facets of Gigamon's solution was it's ability to do real-time de-duplication of captured traffic as it traverses the Visibility Fabric (a hierarchy of monitoring data sources and advanced aggregation switches). I've spent some time around proactively-deployed network taps, but never seen this capability before, and I think it's pretty nifty. Gigamon put on a very good show at Networking … [Read More...]

UCS M-Series: The Server, Deconstructed

Michael Stump of the #eager0 comments: Last week, I attended the Cisco #UCSGrandSlam product launch in NYC as a member of the Tech Field Day delegation. I'm sure you followed the excitement on social … [Read More...]

Cisco onePK for beginners

Geraint Jones comments on his blog: I have been very interested in Cisco onePK since it was first announced in 2012, unfortunately due to time commitments I haven’t had a chance to dive in. Until … [Read More...]

Public Wi-Fi, Captive Portals and Heartburn Recovery — a MiniBlog complaint

Glenn Cate of gcatewifi comments: Since I love my wife, I said, “Yes honey, I’ll come as a school trip chaperone with you — and 30 other teenagers!”  Before you think that AP microwave radiation is … [Read More...]