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VMware VVOL’s and storage I/O fundamentals

Greg Schulz has a great post on his StorageIO blog about VMware VVOL's. With a normal SCSI LUN the underlying storage system has no knowledge of how the upper level operating system, hypervisor, file system or application such as a database (doing raw IO) is allocating the pages or blocks of memory aka storage. It is up to the upper level storage and data management tools to map from objects and files to the corresponding extents, pages and logical block address (LBA) understood by the storage system. In the case of a NAS solution, there is a layer of abstractions placed over the underlying … [Read More...]

What information about Facebook friends is shared during social login, and does it spam them?

Hemant Chaskar of Airtight Networks writes: Will my friends get spam if I use Facebook social login? What information about my friends will be shared?   These questions come to many when faced with … [Read More...]

See the data, not just the storage with DataGravity

Roger Lund of vBrainstorm writes: Why the fuss? why do we care what is on our storage? With the increasing costs of data, many are looking to what what is taking the space, and using the … [Read More...]

Leveraging Cisco NX-API with Ansible to Make Your Life Easier

Jason Edelman comments on his blog: I had a conversation recently with someone who has more of a sysadmin background.  We started talking about the intersection of DevOps and networking and … [Read More...]