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Knowing Your Audience…and Showing It

Lindsay Hill writes on his blog: We all know that you’re supposed to “Know Your Audience.” Doing so improves engagement, and avoids faux pas like “Suggested Tweets.” But recently I realised that this doesn’t have to be subtle. Drop hints early on in your presentation that you’ve taken the time to understand the audience – it can really lift the mood. Linsday looks at the ways that Networking Field Day 8 presenters understand their audience and how best to adapt your presentation to them. It's a good lesson for those trying to understand how best to speak to your audience. Read more: … [Read More...]

The Seven Layer Model is Dead

Russ White writing of Packet Pushers comments: This bit of history should resolve one question network engineers ask all the time: why doesn’t the seven layer model match the TCP/IP suite of … [Read More...]

What Do You Know about Asigra?

Steve Beaver of The Virtualization Practice comments: What do you know about Asigra? What if I told you there is a good chance that you have used its products but never knew it? During VMworld 2014 … [Read More...]

All Eyes on voice…

Amy Arnold of Just Another Day At The Office writes: ThousandEyes announced something they called “new and shiny” at Networking Field Day 8 and it definitely caught my attention – not just because … [Read More...]