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NETCONF, REST, XML, JSON, YAML And Other Buzzwords

John Herbert of Lame Journal comments: Not content to merely play with NETCONF, I have taken a side step briefly to complete another little tool that relies on a REST API and JSON. I’ll come back on the NETCONF script soon, and explain how I’m using YAML for configuration files, but evidently I’m a sucker for punishment as in the last two weeks I’ve been building queries and parsing data structures in XML, YAML and JSON. Hang in there – the acronyms aren’t nearly as bad as they seem. If you'd like to catch up on the latest things happening in networking, be sure to read John's post to … [Read More...]

VCDX Study Plan – Storage

Rene Van Den Bedem of VCDX133 writes: The essential VCDX study plan for storage. Here is the list (in no particular order, I typed them as they occurred to me): Rene is doing a great job … [Read More...]

Managing SMB Multichannel in SMB 3.0

Aiden Finn of Petri IT Knowledgebase comments: SMB 3.0 is Microsoft's data protocol that was introduced in Windows Server 2012 (WS2012). This data protocol evolved to SMB 3.02 in Windows Server 2012 … [Read More...]

Potential Issues with Multicast within a VLAN Spanning Switches

Daniel Dib of Daniels networking blog comments: I ran into an interesting issue yesterday at work. There is a new video system being installed, which takes the video output from computers, encodes … [Read More...]