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Operationalizing Open Networking – It’s Going To Be Hard

The subtext of the ONUG spring 2015 conference was operationalizing open networking. The idea might not sound like much, but it’s indicative of an added focus in the SDN industry. For the last five years or so, the main focus has been on tools and techniques. We’ve been trying to figure out just what SDN is and how we might use it. Talking about operationalization implies enough product maturity that we can move the topic ahead to these pragmatic concerns. Let’s not confuse “enough product maturity” with complete, robust maturity. SDN has a long development cycle ahead of it in several areas — for example, group policy — but practically speaking, enough headway has been made that we have usable (and useful) products. So why not talk about operationalization? The time seems right, and it was a helpful ONUG theme to consider. For the … [Read More...]

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SDN: Integration over Manipulation

Matt Oswalt of Keeping It Classless comments: I’d like to briefly express a sentiment that I pondered after listening to another one of Ivan’s great podcasts, specifically regarding the true value of … [Read More...]

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End-to-End Data Management

In previous posts I’ve discussed the need to “move up the stack” with reference to the way we manage data.  To recap, what we mean here is focusing less on the bits and bytes of how data is stored and … [Read More...]

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