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Enterprise storage array with X-ray vision: DataGravity

Joep Piscaer of Virtual Lifestyle comments: Remember how I promised to get back to you about a certain Super Secret Awesomesauce Company? In particular, the Super Secret Awesomesauce Company has me so excited that I want to shout it off the rooftops, but I’m afraid I can’t, at least not just yet. Check back on the 19th of August, and you might be in for a very cool surprise. Joep Piscaer, ‘Tech Field Day Extra (#EVMWU14) at VMworld 2014: check!‘ Well, here goes. ... I think Joep is excited about the "awesomesauce" that DataGravity has in store for our Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld … [Read More...]

Object storage bods Exablox: RAID is dead, baby. RAID is dead

Chris Mellor of The Register comments: Object storage supplier Exablox has provided a file interface to its OneBlox object store, which is basically a Drobo-style BYOD store - Bring Your Own … [Read More...]

DataGravity – First Look

James Green of VirtAdmin comments: Perhaps you’ve heard of DataGravity (@DataGravityInc), or perhaps you haven’t. They’ve been staying pretty quiet about what they’ve been working on. Today, however, … [Read More...]

Do you really need to see all 512K Internet routes?

Ivan Pepelnjak of comments: Last week the global routing table (as seen from some perspectives) supposedly exceeded 512K routes, and weird things started to happen to some people that are … [Read More...]