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The Philosophical and Religious Aspects of AI

In this episode, we consider the moral and ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence. Leon Adato, host of the Technically Religious podcast, joins Frederic Van Haren and Stephen Foskett to consider the boundaries of technology and the choices we make. Leon suggests that the unintentional, unconscious, and undetectable impact of AI is the key consideration, not the science fiction questions of AI and religion. Many religions seek to apply the lessons of the past to new technologies and situations, and these can provide a unique insight into the question of the way we as a society should proceed. We must also re-evaluate the systems we put in place to ask if the machine is doing what we wanted it to do and what the side effects are.

Three Questions

  1. Can you think of any fields that have not yet been touched by AI?
  2. Will we ever see a Hollywood-style “artificial mind” like Mr. Data or other characters?
  3. Can AI ever recognize that it’s biased and learn how to overcome it? *Asked by Tom Hollingsworth


Leon Adato, Head Geek at SolarWinds and host of the Technically Religious Podcast . Follow Leon at . You can also connect with Leon on LinkedIn or on Twittter @LeonAdato


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