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Revisiting Utilizing AI Season 3 | Utilizing AI 3×28

Frederic Van Haren and Stephen Foskett look back on all the subjects covered during Season 3 of Utilizing AI. The podcast covered many topics, from religious and ethical implications of AI to the technology that enables machine learning, but one topic that stands out is data science. If data is the key to AI, then the collection, management, organization, and sharing of data is a critical element of making AI projects possible. We also continue our “three questions” tradition by bringing in open-ended questions from Rich Harang of Duo Security, Sunil Samel of Akridata, Adi Gelvan of Speedb, Bin Fan of Alluxio, Professor Katina Michael, and David Kanter of MLCommons.

Three Questions

  1. Stephen’s Question: Can you think of an application for ML that has not yet been rolled out but will make a major impact in the future?
  2. Frederic’s Question: What market is going to benefit the most from AI technology in the next 12 months?
  3. Rich Harang Senior Technical Lead, Duo Security: In an alternate timeline where we didn’t develop automatic-differentiation and put it on top of GUPs do this entire deep learning hardware family that we depend on now never got invented. What would the dominat AI/ ML technology be and what would have been different? 
  4. Sunil Samel, VP of Pusiness Development, Akriadata: How will new technologies like AI help marginalized members of the communities. Folks like senior citizens, minorities, pepole with disabilities, veterans trying to reenter civilian life?
  5. Adi Gelvan, CEO and Co-Founder of Speedb: What do you think the risks of AI are and what is your recommended solution?
  6. Bin Fan, Founding Member, Alluxio: Im wondering if AI can help with a humanitarian crisis happening in the future?
  7. Katina Michael, Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University: If AI was to self replicate what would be the first thing it would do?
  8. David Kanter, Executive Director of MLCommons: what s a problem in the AI world where you are held back by the lack of good publicly available data?


  • Frederic Van Haren, Founder at HighFens Inc., Consultancy & Services. Connect with Frederic on or on Twitter at @FredericVHaren.
  • Stephen Foskett, Publisher of Gestalt IT and Organizer of Tech Field Day . Find Stephen’s writing at and on Twitter at @SFoskett

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