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The Intersection of 5G and AI with EdgeQ | Utilizing AI 2×21

You might think that 5G and AI are completely unrelated, but these new technologies support each other. Both are expressions of information theory, and both use similar mathematics under the hood. Both 5G and AI are also disruptive to existing business models and enable new applications. EdgeQ develops processors that leverage machine learning to improve customer experience in 5G and enable customers to develop their own AI solutions on-chip. 5G is bringing the edge closer to the cloud and it enables seamless deployment of AI across the network.

Three Questions

  1. When will we see a fully self-driving car that can drive anywhere, any time?
  2. When will we have video-focused ML in the home that operates like the audio-based AI assistants like Siri or Alexa?
  3. How small can ML get? Will we have ML-powered household appliances? Toys? Disposable devices?

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