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Delivering Mature IT Platforms at the Edge with Pierluca Chiodelli | Utilizing Tech 05×09

Datacenter IT is used to having tight control over infrastructure and applications, but this is challenging to maintain at the edge. This episode of Utilizing Edge features Pierluca Chiodelli of Dell Technology discussing the modern edge application platform with Allyson Klein and Stephen Foskett. A typical edge environment features many different platforms, devices, and connections that must be deployed, managed, and controlled remotely. When looking at the modern edge, Chiodelli recognizes the different personas and needs and constructs a plan to achieve the required outcome at this location. Modern applications need specialized hardware and connectivity that must be supported, deployed, and managed.

Delivering Mature IT Platforms at the Edge

In this episode of Utilizing Edge, Stephen Foskett and Allyson Klein discuss the challenge of bringing mature IT processes and practices to the edge with guest Pierluca Chiodelli of Dell Technologies.

The discussion begins by highlighting the difference between traditional data center IT and edge computing, emphasizing that the edge presents a more diverse and less controlled environment. Stephen shared his experience working with edge environments in the past, including in retail and gas stations. They discussed the need for unified platforms and solutions in edge computing to simplify deployment and management.

The hosts then introduced Pierluca Chiodelli from Dell, who talked about Dell’s approach to edge computing. Pierluca explained that Dell aims to provide end-to-end solutions for the edge and considers the different personas and requirements in various industries. He mentioned a case with a large gas station chain where the management of multiple devices became a challenge, highlighting the need for better control and management at the edge. Dell’s approach involves offering validated and certified blueprints for edge solutions, allowing users to deploy applications easily while maintaining security and control.

The conversation shifted to the parallel between edge computing and the DevOps movement, where the focus is on providing easy-to-use platforms and solutions that enable users to achieve their desired outcomes without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Pierluca mentioned the importance of secure hardware and the ability to deploy applications seamlessly. He also discussed the use of open-source technologies and a “no-code” approach to simplify the deployment process. The goal is to create a unified and transparent experience for users across different edge locations.

The hosts concluded by discussing the continuum of edge locations, from data centers to near-edge and far-edge environments. They raised the question of how to provide a continuous view from an IT operations perspective into these edge locations and determine what information is relevant to each persona. Pierluca emphasized the need for a multi-tenant, multi-persona approach that tailors the information and access based on the user’s role and requirements.

Overall, the episode focused on the challenges of deploying and managing edge computing solutions and highlighted Dell’s approach to address these challenges by offering end-to-end solutions, validated blueprints, and a user-friendly experience that caters to different personas in the edge environment.

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