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Smashing Myths and Legends Around Network Monitoring & Management: A Riverbed Roundtable Discussion

The questions we address in this roundtable include: How important is network visibility in today’s modern IT environment? Why do you need packet capture at the endpoint? What does that mean when many organizations are migrating to cloud environments? Is on-prem visibility something that is going away? Where does the industry need to go to provide the network visibility required in today’s complex networks? Why is it important to view performance data in the context of the application? And more.

These questions may seem to have fairly obvious answers, but Riverbed and our roundtable participants dive deep into debunking the myths and legends surrounding network monitoring, actionable data, and network management.

John Pittle, Services CTO, Riverbed, and Bill Coon, Sr. Technical Solutions Architect from Riverbed, are joined by Terry Slattery, Principal Architect at NetCraftsmen, CCIE 1026, and Pete Welcher, Architect and Tech Advisor to VP Ops at NetCraftsmen, as well as our very own Tom Hollingsworth, Event Lead at Tech Field Day.


John Pittle, Services CTO, Riverbed
Bill Coon, Sr. Technical Solutions Architect, Riverbed
Terry Slattery, Principal Architect at NetCraftsmen
Pete Welcher, Architect and Tech Advisor to VP Ops at NetCraftsmen


Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd

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