Breaking down silos between security and operations

Mark May of Virtual Storage Zone comments:

One of the biggest gaps I see is that audit logging is more about information and a lot less about how that information is presented.  Let’s take a look at the simple example of creating a user inside of active directory.  That single user creation will actually trigger nearly half a dozen individual events including events for the actual creation, enabling, password reset, and change of said account. This generates, literally, pages of data about the events. This can be a huge problem for creating accurate reports that reflect the change, especially if your target audience is a non-technical auditor.

IT operations staff have to spend time not only creating the report but also explaining what it actually is. Even with a renewed focus on security,  this inefficient user of resources hampers the ability to actually perform work. This problem is very common with traditional SIEM implementations, as it often seems presenting information is an afterthought.

Security is often at odds with the rest of the network. Perhaps getting rid of the walls is a good thing.

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