EMC VNX and Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) — Free Download Link

One of the most valuable training and lab resources is EMC’s full-featured VNX and Celerra virtual storage appliances (VSA’s) for VMware. These can be hard to locate, however. So Simon Seagrave’s post is a great resource in it’s own way, including the latest links and an overview of what these VSA’s can do!

EMC VNX VSA DownloadFancy running a virtualized EMC VNX or Celerra instance in your own lab?   Well, good news this is totally possible and for free (*small print: Doesn’t include lab hardware and batteries not included). I’ve run a couple of webinar sessions over the past 18 months on setting up and running the EMC VNX and Celerra virtual storage appliance (VSA), and still regularly have people ask how they get their hands on a copy of these free to use VSAs.   There are a handful of EMC VNX and Celerra VSA download links out on the web though many of these no longer work, so I decided to put this post together with the latest working download links.   Check out the ‘Useful Links’ section at the bottom of this post for a copy of my webinar slide decks (pdf).

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