MSSQL must really love Oracle (pun intended)

I don’t really agree with Hans’ “positive” lightning comment, unless you call it positive when you discover that Microsoft licensing is just as bad as VMware… But here you go! A great discussion of SQL Server licensing changes and the new SQL tax!

You remember everyone ranting on the Oracle licensing schemes? You remember everyone ranting on VMware last year when they announced the vTAX licensing scheme?

Today I was reading through the new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Licensing scheme and got struck by lightning (not in any positive way).

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  • Yeah, I also was floored when I heard this info from our Microsoft licensing rep a few weeks ago.  I don’t agree with their logic.  Processors are always getting better.  If we didn’t push the core count, would Microsoft start charging on the cycles?

    From what I gather, so long as you keep 4-core procs, you probably won’t see a huge price difference.  But, who has 4-cores nowadays?  With the new Intel E5-2600 chips… why stop at 4? Now, you’ll start getting pricey.

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