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Docker 1.12 The Game Changer

Nigel Poulton of comments:

It’s no secret that Docker and containers have been threatening to change the world for a while now. And they already have for some of us. But you know what… there’s always been something missing, something preventing it from taking off big style. Like a missing ingredient or something. Well it’s missing no more!

WARNING: I’m gonna say this right up front…. this is probably gonna end up being a bit of a Docker love fest. If you’re not game for that, feel free to head off somewhere else. I won’t cry. The problem is… this stuff is so game changing on the technical front that it’s actually pretty hard not to get carried away.

Nigel’s Docker “lovefest” is a great introduction to the new features in 1.12. It’s also a call to action to learn as much as you can about this industry-shifting technology.
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