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RIP vSphere Client

Richard Arnold of 3ParDude comments:

On Monday I got invited along with other vExperts to an announcement from VMware. They cut straight to the chase and announced that the C# fat vSphere client would not be available with the next release of vSphere. This has been expected for some time since with more and more features having been available only in the web client.

The web client first appeared in vSphere 5 and was met with grumbles from the start. One of the primary complaints was the speed of operation which was significantly less than the C# client, this has been improved in each iteration but there is still some way to go. The second main challenge has been convincing people that the interface its self is better. The vSphere client was somewhat of a classic piece of work offering quick administration and a cleanly laid out structure, improving on this was always going to be a challenge.

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