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Mobility Field Day Events 2017

Mobility Field Day looks to highlight some of the most exciting areas of IT in 2017 from wireless infrastructure to smart embedded systems for IoT management. The events bring together industry-leading companies with independent thought leaders over the course of several sessions. These sessions demo the latest products, and put our delegates in direct contact with the companies they use in the industry every day. 

Mobility Field Day 1 delegates and staff!

Mobility Field Day Delegates in San Jose, CA

Mobility Field Day debuted in 2016 as an evolution of Wireless Field Day events, to reflect the change in focus in the space. Delegates were able hear about the latest from Cisco, Nyansa, and Ventev. In addition to company presentations, there were discussions on Wi-Fi beacons and network monitoring for wireless metro areas.

Delegates from Mobility Field Day Live

Delegates from Mobility Field Day Live

All events are live-streamed for general consumption, with all video being made available afterwards for review. On top of that the event has a thriving Twitter community to keep the discussion going before during and after the event.

Mobility Field Day 2017 events will be held July 25th-26th in Silicon Valley. Additionally, a Tech Field Day Extra Event at Cisco Live on June 26th-28th will touch on mobility centric topics. For videos of past event and delegate coverage, check out the Mobility Field Day site.

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