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Improved Network Security and Reliability with ZPE Systems

Security is a top priority in any network. But unfortunately, despite a profusion of tools and solutions, flawless security on all fronts is still an elusive goal. ZPE Systems comes to address this issue with its portfolio, especially with its two newly launched solutions. At the recent Networking Field Day event in January, the company introduced the Zero Pain Ecosystem which aims to provide enterprises with an insulated network environment.

The Problems of Network Outage and Poor Security

With new technologies coming into the IT space every other day, there is currently a bottleneck in terms of availability of personnel and expertise to apply them. There are only so many knowledge workers a company can find for hire to implement its repertoire of technologies. Even so, there is no way of getting around problems like human error and lack of expertise.

Adding to this problem is the general lack of 360 degree security which when zoomed into gives away smaller constituent problems that make way for serious security compromises. Gaps in configuration, use of operating systems that are not updated, systems with no interoperability between platforms, all these leave infrastructures vulnerable and ultimately unreliable. These can lead to issues that result in frequent outages and longer downtimes.

ZPE Systems: Making Network Management Pain-Free

Getting past these barriers requires to have fully programmable infrastructures. This will make sure that all elements in locations from edge through core to data centers and hybrid environments can be easily orchestrated. For automatic updates, data normalization, recovery following an error and such routine maintenance things, full-scale automation is required in infrastructures through coding and APIs.

Aiming these end goals, ZPE introduces its Zero Pain Ecosystem, a secure and scalable solution which is built to cut back downtime and outages. The Zero Pain Ecosystem is an entire network of systems that comprises of consoles, switches, routers management systems, sensors and sundry. Echoing ZPE’s core motive which is Zero Point Energy, the Zero Pain Ecosystem is the path toward the realization of the ideal zero energy state.

ZPE Systems’ Zero Pain Ecosystem

During the presentation at the January’s Networking Field Day event, Koroush Saraf, VP, Product Management at ZPE Systems presented an overview of their solutions Gen3 OOB and Zero Pain Ecosystem while discussing the key drivers of its development. He was joined by Arnold Zimmermann CEO and Co-Founder who gave a general overview of ZPE Systems and took us through their customer base.

With its Zero Pain Ecosystem, ZPE Systems presents an open vendor neutral environment that enables easy remote infrastructure management.  With the Zero Pain Ecosystem, there will be fewer appliances to manage remotely, not to mention out-of-band capabilities which result in higher security and availability. ZPE’s core goal with this solution is to bolster security not just on the software side, but also on the hardware end of things too.

An environment that everybody can securely connect to and where systems can talk to each other, the Zero Pain Ecosystem is the space in which end to end automation happens at scale. Tasks in deployment like rebooting and upgrading can be fully automated. ZPE Systems have an out-of-band service that can recover all parts of the network so that it is up and running in perfect condition round-the-clock.

ZPE Systems’ Gen3 OOB is an improvement on the previous generations of out-of-band products. While the first two OOB generations were about remote access and troubleshooting, Gen3 OOB is about wholesale automation. ZPE’s core goal here is to ensure that every element in the infrastructure is automatable so that orchestration happens seamlessly. So that nothing in the network leads to security failings, ZPE Systems enables all-round security through end-to-end automation. In the Zero Pain Ecosystem, users can gain a 360-degree visibility of the network so they can get ahead of the problems and resolve them preemptively with AI-enabled predictions and analysis.

Final Verdict

ZPE’s solution is a secure and resilient ecosystem which consolidates security, reliability and availability in the network while generally improving user experience for all. That’s a win-win for enterprises struggling to resolve network disruptions and low uptime.

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