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Security-First Storage with RackTop Systems

Enterprises are facing an astronomical volume of unstructured data and the problem with that is not just storing it at a reasonable cost, but also storing it securely. With the rising dangers of ransomware, that is an ask unlikely to be satisfied by traditional storage. At the Storage Field Day event in March, RackTop Systems presented an out-of-box solution, the BrickStor Security Platform that quite unconventionally unifies storage and security to create a safe locked-down environment for critical unstructured data.

It’s Time We Had a Storage That Has Security High on Its Agenda

The ransomware attacks happening in recent times mark a troubling shift towards an era of higher security risks. Though attacks like that don’t happen every day to our knowledge, and things may still seem pretty safe on the surface, the cyber world has changed since the last decade. The growing size of ransomware payouts and repeated security breaches indicate that the need for greater protection in storage should be at the center of this discussion.

With huge bulks of unstructured data produced globally, storage is facing two key challenges at this time- capacity to store years’ worth of data which it has by and large kept up with, and data protection from malicious actors. The latter is indicative of a growing security problem in the modern cyber world. Backup is no-longer the end all be all solution anymore. The ask has evolved from a high-capacity storage to a secure, high-capacity storage.

RackTop Has an Answer to the Growing Security Problem

Founded in 2010, RackTop Systems has a group of US intelligence veterans associated with it. With its roots deep in the national security space, RackTop Systems supports a global customer base in the storage space.

RackTop Systems approaches this two-fold problem of growing data and security risks with a single solution- cyberstorage. An emerging approach in the storage space, it fuses active security into storage to create a high-performing storage solution that is secure end-to-end. With the aim to provide security right from the first day, it presents a long menu of built-in controls that make for holistic data security.

The RackTop BrickStor Security Platform

At the Security Field Day event, Jonathan Halstuch, CTO and Co-Founder at RackTop Systems presented the BrickStor Security Platform. Following a brief introduction of RackTop Systems, he talked about how RackTop approaches the problem of security of unstructured data in enterprise storage.

RackTop’s BrickStor is a cyberstorage solution that bakes in proactive security into storage to deliver a complete storage solution secure from all sides. Focused on the data security threats of today, it works to detect external and insider threats and harden attack surfaces to prevent some of the worst kinds of data theft.

Covering all the five vectors in the NIST framework, namely identify, detect, protect, respond and recover, BrickStor SP delivers active protection in real time through all the three phases of before, during and after attack.

Although security is at the forefront of what RackTop BrickStor SP is all about, it is also a storage solution at the core. In that regard, it is an out-of-box software-defined NAS storage solution that comes with flexible deployment options. As a high-performance storage, it has all the utility storage capabilities with Zero Trust security baked in, with the purposes of scanning and stopping anomalous behavior in real time.

RackTop BrickStor SP supports easy movement of data both on-prem and in the cloud. Disruption-free migration of data between storage ensures efficient management and storage cost-efficiency. With the enveloping security layer, users can constantly track operations and audit activities in the data storage.

Final Verdict

RackTop’s BrickStor Security Platform successfully removes the inherent vulnerabilities in storage making it a safe space for data. Along the way, it brings with it some great bonus features which makes it a gold-standard security storage solution. Get a demo today at

Check out more presentations on the RackTop BrickStor SP from the recent Storage Field Day at the Tech Field Day website.

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