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Self-Serviced Network on Premises with Netris

Private cloud, in the past few years, with its elevated standards of service has significantly raised the bar where network experience is concerned. On the other hand, it has become harder and harder to achieve the same level of experience on premises – no thanks to dated legacy technologies. At the recent Networking Field Day event in Silicon Valley, Netris introduced the Netris Software, a purpose-built solution that addresses this problem by making on-prem experience exactly cloud-like.

In Experience, On-Prem Needs to be More Like Public Cloud

One of the biggest asks of DevOps and NetOps engineers today is a simplified and accelerated network. Private cloud has seen to that with a fully managed network that requires zero maintenance, cleanup, configurations, access change or any of that. But as companies born in the cloud migrate to on-premise infrastructure, they find themselves facing a physical network which is essentially a mess of cables and wires and hours of work, an arguably intimidating chore for a company that has only ever been on a VPC network.

In a perfect world, this transition should be seamless with no alternations in the standard of experience, but sadly, the reality is far from the expectation. Instead of coming into an infrastructure that is ready to integrate and interconnect, they are faced with the responsibility of rebuilding the network from ground up, something nobody looks forward to.

Netris Delivers a VPC Experience on Premise

What these organizations or really any organization looking to build a network on-prem however big or small require is a self-serviced network that is essentially cloud-like in all way, shape or form, only on premises.

An automatically operated network that is without the challenges of traditional networking and legacy technologies would be a way out of this, and that’s where Netris comes in. Netris calls its software “Automatic NetOps” and for good reason. It wholly automates the operations of a physical network making it cloud-like in experience. Built to make DevOps’ experience seamless, it handles everything from design down to implementation of the physical network. On the operations side, it makes all work automatic.

Netris- From Hardware to Software

At the Networking Field Day event in May, Alex Saroyan, CEO and Co-Founder of Netris, gave a demo of the Netris Software. Focusing on the key requirements of delivering VPC networking experience on-premises, he explained how network engineers can achieve this with Netris.

At Netris, the team of NetOps engineers start off by creating blueprints of the network topology required by clients. In the following steps, the team sets up the equipment such as the hardware, the rack and the power.

With the Netris software is installed, users can go in and populate it some basic information about the hardware, the public and private IP addresses, iPAM using any IaC tool available to them. Using the Assign Automatically function, the teams can allow Netris to autofill the rest of the hardware information including IP addresses and configuration, pulling it from the system. Powered with Netris SoftGate, Netris’s proprietary auto configuration software, the Netris controller offers a full topology view of the network including all its assets and their placement.

Meanwhile, the Netris team sets up the physical network back at the data center where the engineers assemble the hardware based on the topology design drafted in the early stages of the project. Following the installation of the routers, switches and OSs, the Netris agent loads and kickstarts communication between the devices and the software. As that happens, configuration starts automatically in the back end.

The Netris agent collects telemetry data from the network devices for round-the-clock monitoring and fail prevention. Netris Software is scalable and integrates with Kubernetes and Terraform in addition to a variety of DevOps tools.

Final Verdict

When networks are becoming more dense and complex, it is immensely helpful to have solutions that can do the falling-down-the-rabbit-hole part of networking. With a solution like the Netris Software that makes life easy for both NetOps and DevOps people, every organization that is on private cloud, even partially has a lot to gain. It puts networking on auto-pilot for the most part, thus making the experience seamless and satisfactory, and nothing short of VPC, everything at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Explore Netris’s website to learn more about the Netris Software or watch their other presentations from the recent Networking Field Day event on Tech Field Day.

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