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Storage Field Day 4: a quick preview of the vendors I will meet

Luca Dell’oca of Virtual to the Core writes:

For the second time in a row, I’ve been invited to attend as a delegate the 4th edition of  Storage Field Day, that’s going to take place next week in San Josè, California.

Again, the list of delegates and vendors is really huge, and I can’t wait to be there. Since I feel these are some precious opportunities, I forced myself to acquire as much informations as possible about all the vendors, so to arrived at the event really prepared.

I collected in this article only public informations that are available on vendors’ websites and thanks to articles from other bloggers and journalists. The ideas I got could also be wrong, but are most a recap of what I learned by now. If I was wrong, for sure at Storage Field Day 4 I’ll be able to change my ideas, and go deeper into these technologies.

Luca’s post is a one-stop refresher for all the companies presenting next week at Storage Field Day 4. Be sure to read on and take the chance to catch up. It’ll be a busy week.

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