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Xirrus Comes On Strong At Wireless Field Day 6

Lee Badman of WiredNot writes:

Dirk opened the show with a nice overview of his founding of Xircom, and passed around some interesting kit from the pre-802.11 days of “cordless Ethernet”. This is one sharp Exec. Gates’ professional history is fascinating, and you gotta appreciate that he has made an empire out of doing WLAN different from the rest of the pack, despite keeping up with feature sets. Xirrus has an 802.11ac offering, application visibility, a cloud story, and all the trappings that go with the typical enterprise WLAN system.  But as anybody in the business knows, Xirrus is not the typical WLAN system when it comes to the Access Point side of the equation. And this is what makes the company  controversial at times.  

Lee takes a look at the Wireless Field Day 6 presentation from Xirrus. Whether or not you subscribe to their wireless AP design methods, it’s still a very impressive presentation.

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