Storage Vendors Announce FCoTR and VATRI Support

The following was penned by Scott Boss and is a special feature for today

Sally Carmack, representative of a well-known California-based NAS storage company, today announced, “we have been working with VMware and the FCoTR Working Group and are pleased to announce that we have full support for VATRI in the next release of code for our storage platform.”  Scott Badger an engineer from the same company says that it has huge improvements over speed and stability over classic Fibre Channel access.

IBN, one of the oldest computer companies in the world, is announcing support both for FCoTR on the vOS mainframe as well as VMware 5 with VATRI on the mainframe platform.  William Farley from the mainframe engineering department claims, “we here at IBN have created a new engine for the mainframe that is optimized for vSphere 5 especially when using VATRI/FCoTR based storage. We haven’t been this happy since they ended work on FICON.”

Data Domani, a division of ETC, added, “we are implementing FCoTR and VATRI support into our line of storage arrays.  This will enhance the ability for vSphere 5 to do backups, restores and replication of the backups.  The FlexIO modules for FCoTR and the VATRI plugin will be released in May at our ETCWorld conference, with parts shipping in June of 2012.”  PR representatives at ETC had only one thing to say, “we don’t talk about things coming out in the future, but what you have asked us about is way cool technology. See us in May.”

Scott’s Stance

I have been working in the storage world over for ten years now and nothing has gotten me so eager to play with.  Once this technology (VATRI and FCoTR) is available, I am buying it for my home lab.  Who needs Fibre Channel when you have FCoTR?

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