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Clumio Emerges from Stealth with Cloud Based Backup as a Service

Various enterprise backup solutions exist that leverage the cloud. Some started as an on-premises solution that extended into the cloud. Others stared as a cloud based backup solution for other use cases and pivoted to enterprise use cases. Today, Clumio is coming out of stealth to unveil their born in the cloud backup solution for enterprise customers.

Clumio’s BaaS for Simplicity

Seizing on the trend of delivering SaaS to solve classic IT challenges, Clumio will offer their Backup as a Service (BaaS) to customers who wish to protect their VMware workloads on-premises or in VMware Cloud on AWS. All management of backup infrastructure and lifecycle management are handled by Clumio and customers need only pay on a per-VM basis to backup their workloads and data. Customers see no cloud bills or egress charges.

Clumio has identified several benefits of their approach that they think will set them apart from existing enterprise backup solutions.

Easy to Manage. Setup and start protecting your data in less than 15 minutes. Instead of designing and buying infrastructure, just focus on identifying the appropriate SLAs for different applications and then create and assign policies to match those SLAs.
Predictable Costs. Pay for the service based simply on the number of VMs. Skip the complicated cost projections of on-premise hardware and software, and avoid surprise cloud charges by eliminating the need to run 3rd party backup applications in the cloud.
Scale On-Demand. Clumio scales resources automatically to meet changing enterprise requirements.
Global Compliance. Create one policy to manage the backup of VMs within the data center or across remote sites. Get a global view of the compliance status of the backups for all the VMs within the enterprise.
Always-On Security. All backups are encrypted in-transit and at rest.

We have seen several backup solutions emerge in the past few years that focus on delivering simplicity and by extension piece of mind. In most cases, the come in the form of an on-premises solution that packages hardware, software, and lifecycle management together. While these solutions have greatly simplified backup operations, customers are still required to manage the infrastructure necessary to run these solutions. Clumio seeks to be different by relieving customers of all management of hardware and software by leveraging the public cloud natively in their solution.

Clumio is betting on being the road to cloud backups for many customers.

In my discussion with Clumio CEO Poojan Kumar, he foresahadowed that we will see futher extension of Clumio beyond backup of VMware workloads on premises and AWS in the future. This initial offering is where they see the greatest need currently and the best opportunity to help customers in the near term. Future capabilities such as backup of native AWS and Azure workloads as well as a cloud based data management platform are likely to be in Clumio’s future.

Ken’s Conclusion

Simplicity is key for modern enterprise IT operations. Managing hardware, software, and lifecycles are seen as undifferentiated heavy lifting. Clumio is focused on filling the gaps left by other backup solutions to deliver the simplicity that businesses desire in modern IT practices. Protecting VMware workloads is a natural and logical first step for the company. We will be watching the company with interest to see how well they are able to deliver on the promise of backup simplicity and future feature additions to broaden the use cases of their product.

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