Gestalt Quick Hits: Brocade fire sale, Alliance Storage, Lost E-Discovery

Miss some of the Enterprise IT news this week? Gestalt Quick Hits collects some of the stories you might have missed.

Extreme Networks Buys Brocade’s Data Center Networking Business

Extreme Networks announced they have acquired what remains of Brocade’s Data Center Networking Business from Broadcom for $55 million in cash ($20 million deferred over five years).  Extreme Networks expects to generate $230 million in annualized revenue from the acquired assets, which includes data center switching, routing, and analytics. The acquisition should close within 60 days of Broadcom actually acquiring Brocade.

Broadcom should be close to finalizing the Brocade acquisition, since Arris agreed to acquire their Ruckus Wireless assets as announced last month.

Alliance Storage Technologies Releases NETArchive 2.0

With the release of version 2.0, Alliance Storage TechnologiesNETArchive is designed to meet the demand of burgeoning data growth across all industries. In version 2.0, Alliance Storage doubles the amount of on-prem near-line storage for archiving to 1.6PB per rack, a doubling of data migrations rates, and a 3x increase in cache for faster archive access. Perhaps most importantly, the new release promises a 100% increase in media life, promising 100+ years of archive data retention. The goal of the release is to offer disk based archiving with superior performance and similar reliability and cost to tape.

Study Finds IT Has E-Discovery Problems

A new paper by Osterman Research finds that while companies are increasing being drawn into litigation, IT managers and decisions makers are worried about issues of e-discovery. The organizations surveyed received an average of 75 e-discovery requests. These required a review of all electronically stored information for potential discovering, including CRM data, presentations, social media posts, voicemails, word processing files/documents, spreadsheets, from across all company computing platforms. The paper strongly recommends establishing a proactive approach to archiving this information, rather than reacting manually to each request.

Mark Jaffe Joins the Bedrock Data Board

Bedrock Data named Mark Jaffe to its Board of Directors. Mr. Jaffe previously founded and served as CEO of Prelert, an IT behavioral analytics company. Bedrock CEO Thor Johnson stated they brought Mr. Jaffe on for his expertise in data integration and machine learning, vital for their cloud integration SaaS offering. Before founding Prelert, he severed as VP of firewall and behavioral analysis sale at McAfee, and has over 25 years experience working in security and anomaly detection.

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