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Execution with Excellence: Accelario on Data Management and Startup Goals

Although many vendors in enterprise IT try to cover as many bases as possible with their products, some companies, like Accelario, seek out the needs of their customers, however niche, and solve them to the best of their ability. In our recent opportunity to chat with some of the team at Accelario, we learned how their on-premises data management software works, and how they view the role of startups in solving customer pain points.

Managing Application Data Effectively

Although many of today’s IT practitioners are concerned with keeping track of data in the cloud, managing data on-premises is still a very important duty, especially in light of recent attacks made on organizations via viruses and malware. And as more organizations produce and rely on applications to forward their business goals, ensuring the data they leverage is available proves crucial to maintaining operations.

However, this task is often easier said than done, as many times, multiple business units around the organization need access to app data, such as devs, testers, and QA, and they need that access with all haste. Beyond that, as some organizations share their on-prem app data with external parties, they need that data to be secure to prevent the leaking of any personal information.

On-Prem App Data Management with Accelario

Accelario is purpose-built to address these needs. Their data management software product operates at the database layer in on-prem implementations, existing between data storage and applications to ensure that anyone in the organization can access relevant, confidential data at any point during their app’s lifecycle.

In practice, Accelario provides four core data actions, all in a “DevOps-friendly” single click for expediency:

  1. Full data copy: Mirroring an entire database for use downstream in QA, mapping development to production, etc.
  2. Data masking: Obfuscating existing data sets to be transferred securely using algorithm-based detection to identify potentially sensitive data
  3. Data synthesis: Creating fictional data sets matching required formats/metadata to simulate processes and workflows without revealing data/sacrificing data privacy
  4. Automated data sync/refresh: Updating mirrored databases with new information on a recurring basis to ensure relevancy

How Accelario Fostered Their Niche

Ultimately, Accelario’s use cases are fairly niche, which is an interesting approach in the current enterprise IT market, where it seems like many vendors in the space are attempting to do everything they possibly can with their products and lumping it all into an all-in-one platform. Thanks to Amy Kenigsberg, we here at Gestalt IT had the opportunity to chat with Accelario’s CEO, Eyal Arbel, to discuss their product and its market fit, and he addressed the niche nature of Accelario’s offering in a very profound way.

The job of a startup like Accelario,” Arbel began, “is to target a specific pain of the market and solve it. Startups should do one thing and do it the best. That’s how we came about the positioning of Accelario, and we’re committed to continue to delivering that same level of quality into the future.”

Arbel’s words struck a chord in me, as I could feel the dedication he and the rest of them have towards providing the best possible product for his customer base without expanding too far beyond the scope of their core competencies. I find that so many new companies today start with a great idea, but in their rush to grow and fill as much of the market as they can, overstretch themselves outside of that initial idea to the point where they begin to lose their strengths and falter. Accelario’s approach seems so underrepresented in the current space that, despite its classic mindset, ultimately feels fresh in comparison.

Zach’s Reaction

I am so excited to have learned about Accelario and how they plan on sticking to what they’re good at and executing with excellence. While it’s always great to see how new companies innovate and improve upon their ideas and the needs of the industry, it’s also refreshing to hear that folks like the team at Accelario are investing in being the best at what they do first and foremost.

Special thanks again to Amy Kenigsberg, as well as Arbel and Liat Malki from Accelario for sharing with us! You can learn more about Accelario by visiting their website.

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