Why I love Coho Data

Enrico Signoretti writes on Juku.it:

We always talk about “software-defined something” (too much indeed!) but you should take a look at how Coho implements SDN and then I’m sure you’ll come back saying Brillllliant! (yes, brilliant with a capital B and 5 Ls).
Coho data masquerades the complexity of scale-out and the limits of the communication protocol through SDN: you only see a single exposed IP address and all the data connections/paths are managed transparently. One protocol at the moment and more to come. It will be interesting to see how they apply this technique to other different protocol or access methodologies.

There’s been a lot of buzz around CohoData after their GA and the presentation on SFD4. In this post Enrico shares his thoughts on CohoData with some great additional information to clearify the need for SDN and other CohoData features.

Read the whole story here: Why I love Coho Data

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