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Pure Storage Acquires Portworx

Pure Storage and Portworx entered an agreement that would require Pure to pay approximately $370 million. Check out the full story on the Gestalt IT Rundown, “Pure Storage Acquires Portworx.” Portworx CEO, Murli Thirumale, will lead the way in forming a new Cloud Native Business Unit. All Portworx founders will also be joining the Pure team and this new unit will be heavily invested in by Pure Storage. Pure has decided that they want Portworx to continue their software as-is and won’t see any changes to that at this time.

Portworx has been described as the leading Kubernetes data services platform that runs a 100% software, subscription, and cloud business model. Some of the largest enterprise and Cloud/SaaS companies around the world use Portworx products and Pure Storage wants this to continue under their own vision. Portworx is going to now have access to Pure’s salesforce on a global level, which will get Pure Storage into markets they previously had difficulty getting into because acquiring Portworx adds a vast level of credibility to Pure Storage that did not exist before. The two companies have very good stories to tell when it comes to advanced storage capabilities and will combine efforts to solve the storage problem with an increase in container adoption.

Dan Frith comments:

Pure Storage announced its intention to acquire Portworx in mid-September. Around that time I had the opportunity to talk about the news with Goutham Rao (Portworx CTO) and Matt Kixmoeller (Pure Storage VP, Strategy) and thought I’d share some brief thoughts here.

Pure and Portworx have entered an agreement that will see Pure pay approximately $370M US in cash. Portworx will form a new Cloud Native Business Unit inside Pure to be led by Portworx CEO Murli Thirumale. All Portworx…

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