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What’s Your Work From Home DR Plan?

With 2021 right around the corner and still no clear signs of normalcy returning, we can expect to be working from home as we bring in the new year and beyond. Many of us have spent a lot of time and money on improving our working conditions at home. Whether it be a new mesh chair, a new webcam, or a bigger monitor, we’ve made improvements to better adjust to this new lifestyle we all live now. With all the new additions to your home workspace, you might have even upgraded the Wi-Fi, but what are you going to do when everything goes wrong, and you need to get online?

Outages happen all the time. With many people at home – including both adults and school-aged children, it is no longer ideal to have providers doing maintenance during the day because the residents are all inside, working online. With extra usage than normal at home and more stress on your systems, many people are experiencing much less stable connections than they are used to. There will come times when your internet goes out, and it is essential to have a recovery plan when that happens. This article dives into preparing for such an event and how to make it through with minimal damage. DR planning is critical when something bad happens, Tom Hollingsworth goes in-depth on all of the important details.

Tom Hollingsworth comments:

Planning To Recover: In order to keep working from home in the event of an outage, you need to consider three important situations: Connectivity Outage, Power Outage, and a Location Outage.

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