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Gigamon Acquires Icebrg for Security as a Service

Network visibility and traffic monitoring giant Gigamon has recently acquired the SaaS security startup Icebrg. Icebrg’s purpose is to collect and analyze network metadata to detect attacks and help security teams investigate incidents. It does this through the use of on-premises sensors that collect packet metadata from switches and routers to be stored in a cloud platform. Once there, customers can access all the data for analysis and security investigations.

Gigamon adds a lot of value to their packet broker business with the acquisition of Icebrg by helping customers derive useful intelligence from network data. Icebrg sensors work well with Gigamon products, but also with some of Gigamon’s competitors. The company has not made it clear if they plan to continue supporting Icebrg with third-party devices.

Regular readers will be familiar with Gigamon thanks to their Tech Field Day presentations. Their moves into SaaS can be seen there, in particular at Cloud Field Day 2. For more coverage, see Drew Conry-Murray’s post for Packet Pushers: Gigamon Acquires SaaS Security Startup For Network Analytics

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