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Show 2 — Attack of the PacketPushers

This is the second podcast by the PacketPushers crew. We’re slightly more prepared this week, and had more of an idea what to expect. Hopefully that’ll be evident in the podcast!

Today Dan Hughes, Greg Ferro, and Ethan Banks discussed some newsworthy events of the week, including :

Removal of OEQs from the CCIE R&S Lab, why they were there in the first place and wondering what they actually achieved.

F5’s release of 10.2 software, and the addition of support for IP tunneling, allowing further integration with VMware and supporting the moving of VM’s between datacentres.

Slashdot’s story that a black market for IPV4 addresses may appear, which turned quickly into ‘why is everyone ignoring IPv6′?

The BBC’s recent article claiming we can only manage two things at a time, and that multitasking beyond that is not possible.

And finally to finish up, we looked at the new Universal Network Cable product from ThinkGeek.

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it. Please feedback, and let us know if there’s anything you want to hear discussed! Please contact us via packetpushers at gmail dot com, or via twitter http://twitter.com/packetpushers.

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Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro is the co-host of Packet Pushers. After surviving 25 years in Enterprise IT with only minor damage, he uses his networking expertise for good in the service of others by deep diving on technology and industry. His unique role as an inspirational cynicist brings a sense of fun, practicality and sheer talent to world of data networking and its place in a world of clouds.

He blogs regularly at http://etherealmind.com and the podcasts are at http://packetpushers.net.

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