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Show 25 — Omniscient Logic — HP Networking in the Data Centre

This week we are speaking with Lin Nease, Director of Advanced Technology, from HP Networking about the high end features, functions and capabilities of their Networking products.

We talked a bit about the history of HP Networking and the convergence of the product lines (Procurve and 3Com).

Then we talked about OpenFlow, a control plane software technology that I haven’t heard about before and it’s impact on very large networks. I think it replaces the Operating System on the switch so that you can program a controller based network architecture. Controller based network architecture are used in Wireless LAN Controllers where only one or two controllers act the control plane for the entire network. This is still in research mode, but the potential is huge.


And here’s an OpenFlow whitepaper: http://www.openflowswitch.org/documents/openflow-wp-latest.pdf

Some interesting discussions around the future of storage networking (hint: unexpected agreement on FC and FCoE and Storage needs and the future of storage networking).

And rounded it off with some speeds and feeds on the A-Series.


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