Apstra intends greatness beyond Sparta

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow there will probably be new networking products that change they way you view the space! Not exactly catchy I know. But that’s what David Varnum was feeling after seeing the latest from Apstra.

So what is Apstra? Easy, an intent-driven data center networking company! Oh, you’d like that free of buzzwords? Let me explain. Apstra wants to move away from the world of building networks on a node by node basis, each with their specific vendor-dependent peculiarities. They are building tools to allow network engineers to build networks to a specific purpose first, then worry about implementing the hardware. They compare it the difference between giving you a bag of Lego bricks without instructions. You’ll probably be able to build something out of it, but having the blueprint would sure make it less of a guessing game.

The secret sauce for getting this to work is the Apstra Operating System (AOS). Obviously this is an abstration layer on top of the network, but David makes the great point that AOS takes the features of each individual node, regardless of vendor, and turns them into services. This allows you to move from working around limitations in hardware to composing the network to a specific purpose.

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I swear it’s impossible to keep up with the networking industry. Just when I think I have it figured out, a technology hits the market that makes me rethink my life the past 10 years. It’s not fair! Apstra, a newer start-up company out of Silicon Valley, is guilty this time with their brilliant new approach to integrated […]

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